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Theme & Variations

for Bb Trumpet and Tenor Trombone

By Carla K. Bartlett

©2020 Truluck Music (ASCAP)

Introduction: This theme and set of four variations is an ideal piece for study and as a concert selection.
While contemporary in tone and harmonic content, the composition is accessible to musicians with less experience in the vagaries of modern music.

The Theme: A simple 9 measure AA' form in a blend of Eb Major and Eb Mixolydian. Predominant use of perfect fifths and fourths lend a slightly medieval tone.
Variation #1: A simple restatement of the theme by the trumpet and imitation by the trombone.
Variation #2: Invention focuses on measure 2 of the Theme and leaps of perfect fourths and fifths and travel through several tonal centers.
Variation #3: A cantabile rendering of elements of the Theme; rising fifths and falling fourths.
Variation #4: The main motif comes from measure 3, two falling thirds followed by a rising fourth and a falling fifth, which in this case is inverted to a rising fourth. Articulation variety and imitation add interest. A second treatment begins at measure 134 with a focus on thirds, which is then juxtaposed with the opening idea in the trombone at measure 138. The main rhythmic motif is two eighth notes and three quarter notes, shortened later to two eighth notes and one quarter note to emphasize the playful nature of this variation.

Price: $10 for the set
$5 each for score, trumpet part or trombone part

Theme & Variations for Bb Trumpet & Tenor Trombone

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Theme & Variations for Bb Trumpet & Tenor Trombone

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