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The Long White Limousine

Percussion Ensemble for Six Players

Bells, 2 Xylophones, Vibraphone, Marimba (2 players)

by Carla K. Bartlett

©2020 Truluck Music (ASCAP)

This ensemble is designed for a group of players at a variety of playing levels. Marimba player 2 has a simple ostinato figure that varies only once (measures 41-44) and at the very end. The two xylophone parts, on the other hand, have continual running sixteenth note lines that call for dexterity and precision. The vibraphone player should have experience using the sustain pedal. The other parts are at an intermediate level of difficulty.

The Long White Limousine was inspired by a happy accident when one day, on my way to a professional conference in San Diego, I shared a short commute with a family and their adorable three-year old daughter. With a mane of curly black hair and very dark eyes in a creamy, heart-shaped face, this little one solemnly related to me the details of their visit to Legoland. She proudly showed off her two new plastic horses, telling me their names and discussing their interesting colors. As she transitioned to other topics, I was filled with gratitude for precious moments shared by this lucky family. I tried to express the sweet, gentle nature of the little girl in this composition.

The Long White Limousine for Percussion Ensemble

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The Long White Limousine: Percussion Ensemble

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