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The Day You Left

(Elegy for Kava)

by Carla K. Bartlett

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Adolescent Kava
Photo of Kava

Having spent 27 happy years with my beloved pet, a small PioƱus parrot named Kava, I was virtually inconsolable when she died. As is common with composers, an important event or an intense emotion can trigger a creative response.

An elegy is a song or poem expressing sorrow or lamentation for someone who is dead. In this piece, the sadness and melancholy is balanced by the recollection of a beautiful spirit.

This piece is written at an intermediate level and can be performed by a string quintet or a full string orchestra. It is highly melodic, with imitation resulting in rich, colorful layering and dialogue among the parts. A middle pizzicato section provides textural relief before a return to the lush cascading of thematic material brings a quiet close.

The Day You Left (Elegy for Kava)

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The Day You Left (Elegy for Kava)

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