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A new piece for piano four hands is available called Mostly Dorian

Mostly Dorian

Piano Four Hands

By Carla K. Bartlett

Mostly Dorian is an intermediate to advanced level piece for piano four hands appropriate for recitals. It is an excellent vehicle for introducing your students to Dorian mode. You can also analyze the piece for the sections that venture into the melodic minor.

Notes for “Mostly Dorian”

Mostly Dorian (2017) is, not surprisingly, a composition cast almost entirely in the Dorian mode. Search the piece to find the exceptions; for example, where does a Picardy third sneak in to assist modulation from A to D Dorian? Also, you’ll notice that the coda succumbs to the allure of the natural minor. I wrote this piece for one of my students who one day asked, “What’s a mode?” I think Dorian is the most approachable of the modes with its lowered 3rd and 7th, lending a minor, vaguely folk song flavor.

The Secondo player typically has control over the damper pedal. Be sure to follow the pedal markings religiously. Even though they may not seem to make sense for the Secondo part itself, they aide the Primo player’s need for legato in certain passages; see the tremolo passages, measures 95-11, for example.

Mostly Dorian live performance, NACUSA-LA Conference, Brand Library, Glendale, July 21, 2018. Carla K. Bartlett (composer) Primo, Jason Stoll Secondo.

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