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A new piece for piano four hands is available called Mostly Dorian


Piano Sheet Music

There’s a large body of piano music available for everyone who wants to learn or to teach piano. You can find unique and little known compositions dating back hundreds of years quite easily online. There are many websites that offer access to a free database of piano sheet music from different genres. However, Companies like Truluck Music have a great collection of original piano sheet music. These pieces are suitable for a wide range of applications and are available at reasonable rates. Read More About Piano Sheet Music >>

Classical Sheet Music

Students will always want to seek out new and adventurous pieces to play. Companies like Truluck Music provide different kinds of classical music sheets that can help students branch out of their textbooks and explore something new. They provide original pieces by experienced composers that are specifically designed for students and budding musicians as well. Read more about Classical Sheet Music >>

Contemporary Sheet Music

The world of music is large, diverse, and magical. There are several genres to explore, compositions to play, and artists to emulate. When there’s so much variety out there, it makes little sense for students to stick with classical pieces and familiar notes. Many musicians become bored and start looking for something more modern and engaging. Read more about Contemporary Sheet Music >>

Ensemble Sheet Music

Find great original music for an ensemble can be challenging. It is easier to get solo piano, violin, or cello pieces than an ensemble music sheet with all components clearly written down. While there are several old pieces available online for free, they don’t have the same level of quality and accuracy as original sheet music from a qualified composer. Read more about Ensemble Sheet Music >>

Female Music Composers

When a musician is asked to name a few composers off the top of their head, they might mention names like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, etc. But if you ask them to name some female composers off the top of their head, they might not be able to name even one. This doesn’t mean there are no women composers or that they haven’t produced brilliant work, it just means that they weren’t allowed to rise to prominence. Read more about Female Music Composers >>

Orchestral Sheet Music

Sheet music is one of the most essential tools in a musician’s arsenal. These pages provide all the information the artists need to play the music correctly. Most professionals use sheet music even if they’re familiar with the music and have played it several times in the past. Sheet music is especially vital for orchestras. No professional orchestra will hold a concert without them. Read more about Orchestral Sheet Music >>

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