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Piano Sheet Music

Pianists, teachers, and students have an enormous body of piano literature available to them on line and in music stores. Many websites offer databases of printed music across musical genres, including free downloads.

Yet there are many pianists and teachers who prefer original, carefully-prepared manuscripts for study and use. Companies like Truluck Music provide excellent collections of original piano sheet music at various levels and at reasonable rates.

Why Choose Original Piano Sheet Music?

It can be tempting to download free copies of non-copyrighted music from databases instead of investing in original music. While free copies are convenient and easy to access, there are some downsides to them. Here are some reasons to choose original piano sheet music and books:

1. Contemporary Compositions

Pianists and teachers often yearn to reach beyond the established repertoire of piano music as they prepare for recitals and concerts, or even as they look for sight reading material for everyday practice. One’s ability to engage in new contemporary sounds, to experience music never heard before and not yet in the canon of music, can be exhilarating as well as educational. Playing work by living composers gives one a new perspective on the music, especially if the composer is available for questions or feedback. At Truluck Music, we provide not only original, contemporary compositions, but access to the composer via email.

In addition, each piano collection is accompanied by a sound file or CD of the music professional recorded by the composer. Access to an authentic version of the music played by the composer can provide invaluable insight into the nuances and expression required for accurate rendering of the composition.

2. Easy-To-Read Manuscripts

Experienced pianists and teachers usually prefer original printed manuscripts over those generated by home printers. The quality of paper in the original is superior, and the notation appears crisp and defined. Fine manuscripts do seem easier to study and to use.

3. A Variety of Difficulty Levels and Styles in Each Collection

Collections of piano music are usually directed at a specific skill level, from beginning to advanced. Yet today’s composers often combine varying levels in one volume. Using the Truluck Music website, one may scan a PDF of the first page or two of each piece to determine the skill level required for the effective rendering of the composition. You will notice that our catalog includes pieces at all levels, from beginning to advanced.

The Truluck Music catalog also includes compositions across genres and styles. You can find music with cross-cultural influences as well, including pieces inspired by China, Indonesian gamelan, French Impressionism, and folk styles. Our music can help you expand your repertoire of contemporary, accessible work at very reasonable prices.


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