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A new piece for piano four hands is available called Mostly Dorian

Orchestral Sheet Music

Companies like Truluck Music provide original orchestral scores that will interest and motivate students. For example, Truluck Music’s Solfeggiana is a beautiful piece for orchestra specifically composed for school orchestras at an intermediate level.

The Importance of Orchestral Music Sheets

It is very important for students to have their own individual music part for reference in school and during practice at home. For many reasons, you will want to provide your students with their own scores.

  • Original Pieces May Appear More Difficult – Original pieces, while peaking students’ interest in new sounds, may at first appear more difficult to play because the musicians may not yet be familiar with them. For example, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is certainly a complex piece, but will probably sound familiar to students.

    Because of the familiarity of older classical music, it is may seem easier to play it. The same can’t be said for original contemporary pieces they have never heard before. Carefully prepared sheet music with all appropriate markings, as well as a sound recording for reference, is essential.

  • Individual Practice May Be More Challenging – Students mastering a contemporary original piece may have a harder time practicing independently at home because of the novelty of the composition. Access to the Truluck Music website, with audio files of the pieces, can assist with student practice.

  • Access to Living Composers – At Truluck Music, you can contact the composer to ask questions or seek clarification about the score. This can make rehearsal even easier. Composers are available to communicate with you via email or phone.

Companies like Truluck Music have a big collection of unique and interesting music. Teachers and students alike can buy ensemble sheet music that appeals to them at reasonable prices.


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