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A new piece for piano four hands is available called Mostly Dorian

Ensemble Sheet Music

Finding high quality contemporary music for ensembles can be challenging, but at Truluck Music, we have a variety of ensembles at varying ability levels for purchase and download at very reasonable prices.

A variety of highly engaging, original ensembles pieces are easily accessible from our pulldown menu and include the following:

  • Brass ensembles of varying types include duets, quartets, quintets, octets and nonets
  • Mixed ensembles such as flute, clarinet, and piano
  • Percussion ensemble includes a variety of percussion plus piano.
  • Piano four hands

Each ensemble piece comes with a complete score, ensemble parts, and an audio file for easy reference. An introduction sets the backstory for each piece and can provide the basis for program notes for your concerts.

Contemporary ensemble music provides fresh sounds for students and professionals eager to hear music new to them. Our pieces are also inspired by a variety of genres and styles, such as popular music, folk music, and jazz. All our ensemble music is carefully notated, with all performance indications clearly marked.

The composer is available via email to answer any questions that arise, so that your study and perform can be of the highest quality.


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