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Contemporary Sheet Music

Composers and teachers such as those represented by Truluck Music believe that musicians at all levels, including students and teachers, gain much from including in their study music composed in our present day. Enriching ones repertoire with contemporary classical music can be a very rewarding experience. Such study can also provide models and encouragement for students and musicians to engage in composition themselves.

Best Contemporary Music Scores

Seeking out high quality contemporary sheet music and arrangements can be challenging. Here are some ideas to help with the process of locating good contemporary music:

  1. Identify a composer of interest, preferably one who is also a teacher or has had teaching experience. These professionals keep the student in mind as they compose.
  2. Seek out work that is at a variety of levels. At Truluck Music, we provide high quality contemporary classical music from beginning to advanced levels.
  3. Look for work that is accessible to the student. Sometimes, contemporary classical music can be too abstract, atonal, or difficult for the student to understand or enjoy. The selections at Truluck Music, while contemporary, are readily accessible, fun to play and listen to, and musically engaging.
  4. Recordings or video of the compositions help learners gain understanding of and insight into the compositions as they study the scores. At Truluck Music, a sound file is available for every composition. Having a recording to access increases the likelihood of success at interpreting the written score.

The experience of successfully incorporating contemporary classical music into one’s repertoire can be a uniquely rewarding experience. Being able to actually contact the living composers via email, converse about the music, or get a question answered, can be an additional magnet that draws students and teachers alike to the music. At Truluck Music, composers are available to provide insight and feedback to you regarding their work. In addition, the compositions available are at affordable prices.


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