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Classical Sheet Music

In teaching students classical music, it is often challenging to keep them engaged. Inculcating them into the tradition of musical depth, interpretation, and technical precision is definitely challenging. While method books can provide a carefully calibrated introduction into music notation reading, proper fingering patterns, and interpretation of musical symbology, they, too, can become tedious to the student and perhaps to the teacher as well!

One way to enrich the study of classical music is to include compositions from living composers, such as those presented by Truluck Music. Selections available here are contemporary and yet accessible, extending the tradition of classical music into new expressions of musical content that is fresh and interesting.

Notational Clarity

One glance at the sample pages provided for each composition in the Truluck Music catalog will show you clean, clearly legible notation. Pedal markings, breathe markings, articulation, dynamics, tempo marks and all relevant notational symbols are easy to read and understand.

Sound Files

Included in all Truluck Music compositions are sound files which the student and teacher may access to aid in the study of the pieces. While many are midi recordings, they still provide an important example of the tempo and expression required by the pieces. In some cases, video or recorded examples are available from live performances of the pieces, which lends an additional sense of immediacy to the music at Truluck Music.

Access to the Composer

One real advantage of studying the contemporary classical music compositions available from Truluck Music is that both students and teachers have access to the composer of the music. You are one email away from conversation with the composer should questions about the compositions arise.

Supplementary Information

Often the composer will provide explanatory detail in an introduction to the composition, or sometimes even a Study Guide that goes into greater depth about the music. All this is available when you purchase classical sheet music or collections of music from Truluck Music.


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